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335 Taylor St. Kaukauna, WI 54130

About Us

Got Your Six K9’s is in Northeast Wisconsin and serving surrounding areas. Our staff is compiled of professional dog trainers, marketing and business experts. Our goal is to improve the life of our Veterans that have served this great country.


Our service dogs are carefully chosen from a wide variety of breeders and in some circumstances rescue dogs. All of our dogs are put through a series of assessments and temperament tests in order to qualify. Once the dog is determined that it qualifies for the program it undergoes the basic and advanced obedience course set out by GYSixK9’s. Once the dog is performing at a level deemed appropriate by GYSixK9’s we start the “bonding” between dog and handler. This is a very important process and is very crucial to the future of the “TEAM” Once the TEAM is paired together the dog will live with the Veteran from that point on.

Our program runs approximately 6-18 months in length depending on the needs of the veteran. It is composed of different steps that help the Veteran and dog learn. These stages include individual and group sessions focusing on canine behavior, canine care and hygiene, training techniques ,obedience, public access and socialization, specialized service tasks and more. Each team shall satisfy a minimum of 80-120 hours of specific service-training and public access.

These steps have been given a lot of thought by our trainers and board of directors. The founder of this organization has been through a similar process and has had immense success with his dog. He understands the daily fights that one must go through and wants other Veterans to be able to know there is hope when getting a Service Dog.

Our Team

Jeremy Van Beek

Founder/Lead Trainer

Laura Heim


Jim Heim

Business Operations