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Meet the teams ~

wounded military veterans and their service dogs.

Cliff and Recon

A few months ago I started to look into service dogs for PTSD. I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, Anger, Depression and things that all go along with PTSD.  I found an organization that I got started with and received my dog Recon. After receiving Recon the group that I worked this kind of fell through. So I started looking for a new organization and found Got Your Six K9. I made contact with Jeremy and he was able to get me started in the application process. The process was not hard and Jeremy was a very big help in getting me started. From the time I started the process to getting into the training program was very fast.  There was not much of a wait. In the time Recon and myself have been working with Jeremy and Got Your Six K9 recon has become a lot better to handle and is starting to make real progress in the training that Jeremy provides. My hopes for this program Is that my life can go back to the way it was before I joined the military. With Recon, and my family at my side and the help of Got Your Six K9 I am very hopeful in the fact that my life will be better as we continue our training.   

Brian and Gemma

Gemma and I have been with Got Your Six K9s for a short amount of time. However, Gemma has already reduced my anger and anxiety due to PTSD. My family has already noticed a difference. When I train with Gemma, my focus is on her and nothing else, which helps me out a lot. The first time that Gemma and I met Jeremy and started training, I felt like a weight has been lifted from me. Just knowing that there is someone willing to help veterans with PTSD. I continue to look forward to working with Jeremy and Got Your Six K9s.

Brandon and Jax

"Got Your Six k9 has given me the opportunity to have a PTSD service dog with minimal waiting time. Jeremy is very professional and has an extreme sense of urgency to help veterans in need. Since having my service dog Jaxon I feel more comfortable going into crowded places. Jaxon has been able to help reduce anger outrages triggered by my anxiety and irritability. In a short period of time working with Jeremy and Jax I found he helps me stay calm and gives me more reason to keep pushing forward. Jeremy put in the time and effort to make sure that he had the right dog to place with my family and myself. When at home and relaxed he loves getting hugs and kisses from both my boys. Without Jeremy and Got Your Six K9 I am unsure where I would be today. Thank you Jeremy and Got Your Six K9 for everything you have done and continue to do."

Jeremy and Frago & Major

"My service dogs have easily saved my life on more than one occasion. These dogs give me a sense of purpose that has brought me out of some very dark places when I have nightmares and flashbacks. They also alleviate my anxiety so I can go out into public on days I don't want to leave my own home. These dogs don't judge me for my past. They just simply want to have love and compassion given to them. They have given me the drive to find my passion in training dogs for others. This passion keeps me motivated to become the best dog trainer I can be, so that I can help other Veterans the way I was helped. These dogs give us back the sense of having a teammate that will always be there for you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for not only myself, but GYSixK9s."

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